Our Antarctica expedition calls for a massive clean up of CO2 emissions. And that includes the expedition itself.

This was achieved through supporting diverse projects across the globe.

The expedition funded reforestation and conservation projects in Zambia, Tanzania, Brazil, China, and Australia. It also invested in clean energy projects to lower future emissions, ranging from wind power in Mexico, to greener domestic heating in India, and hydropower in China.

Together, these initiatives will reduce global carbon emissions by over 1000 tonnes—over three times the amount produced by our trip.

Offsetting carbon
Planting and protecting trees

Project nameTonnes of CO2
Tomorrow’s Air via ClimeWorks (Iceland)1
Neutral Together / Kariba Forest (Zambia)12
Amazon Rainforest (Brazil)150
Black River (China)50
Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots (Tanzania)250
Tropical ReGen (Australia)50
Total Tonnes of CO2 offset513

Long term carbon reduction
Clean energy projects

Project NameTonnes of CO2
Neutral Together: Clean Cookstoves (China)12
Neutral Together: Hydropower (China)12
Oaxaca Wind (Mexico)150
Delhi Electric Rail Systems (India)200
Domestic Energy Systems (India) 150
Total Tonnes of CO2 saved524