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Climate of Change has a simple yet powerful purpose: to experience, understand, and educate, in support of a sustainable future.

This purpose first took us to Antarctica with 2041 Foundation to experience climate change on the planet’s last great wilderness, and learn how the health of the region is connected to the generation of renewable energy. Our team of three witnessed the devastating impact of greenhouse gas emissions and met international activists who took our learning beyond the continent.

We discovered the disproportionate effect of rapid global warming on gender inequality, minorities, and traditional ways of life around the world. And in response, we shared our learnings through articles, videos, interviews, and social media.

We understand, now more than ever, that continual education is key to having a positive, lasting impact on people and the planet. And we know that the impact we make has to extend beyond the environment and into diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), if we are to leverage the power of each person to effect positive change.

It is this spirit of education, inclusivity, and awareness that has driven the evolution of the Climate of Change campaign into the Climate of Change Podcast.
Hosted by diverse members of our team, expect open and insightful conversations on renewable energy and DEI, shared for the changing times we live in. We’ll tackle trending topics as well as under-the-radar issues, all with the aim of educating ourselves and others, providing perspectives, inviting dialogue, and creating a more sustainable world.

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From slowing global warming and increasing local biodiversity, to championing the fair treatment of individuals and protecting vulnerable minorities, Ventient Energy is committed to securing the future of the people and the planet.

Every day in various ways, we’re turning our words into works through environmental actions and societal initiatives that are making a real difference. And every year we strive to do more. Here’s some highlights from our efforts in 2022:

  • 6,010.75 GWh of green energy produced
  • 1,064,937 T of CO2 avoided
  • Donations made directly to organisations providing aid to Ukrainian refugees
  • Supported food banks and warm hubs within vulnerable communities
  • Launched the Inclusive Committee, with members helping foster an inclusive environment
  • 43% of our directors and 50% of our executive committee are women
  • Hosted renewable energy engineering MSc students at our wind farms
  • School visits to educate children on how they can make a big difference in the world

Positive change powered by ESG

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy guides the operations, actions, and decisions of Ventient Energy. Led by our experienced ESG team, our ESG strategy is aligned with internationally recognised standards and informed by industry benchmarking conducted by GRESB and external advisors.

We’ll keep measuring our efforts through GRESB, the global ESG benchmark to maintain our Sector Leadership, and we’ll keep ESG at the centre of everything we do, grounded in the values we hold dear: People, Sustainability, and Evolution.

We’ll continue working to reduce the negative impacts of our operations and increase the positive impact across the environment and society, ensuring that our company mission continues to support those around us to thrive in harmony with people and planet.


Raising awareness. Educating others. Driving collective action.

Built on the learnings from our Antarctica trip and now enabling us to evolve of our education, Climate of Change is empowering us to understand and tackle a world full of challenges. Through the podcast, we’re able to continue learning and encourage our colleagues, stakeholders, shareholders, and communities to join us for the journey – sharing insight that drives collaboration, partnership, and action.


Turn on, tune in and let’s navigate these warming waters together as we do our best to make the world, and workplace, a little more sustainable. From hearing how Ventient employees are moving the net-zero needle, to deep dives into DEI at work, we’ll bring you practical insight and understanding in every episode.


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